2010 Annual Meeting

2010 BSBIA Meeting Minutes

Shady Shores Campground

June 5th @ 10 am

Meeting called to order, intro of officers
Election of officers-unanimous vote to keep current slate of officers
Channel update- Chris Lee- opening will be done by John Dates-currently scheduled for Monday-Chris Lee did channel survey and states that the east side of channel is deeper than last year, it seems to have blown itself open and did not fill in much of hole- we are hoping for a two day dig, which would save BSBIA monies-looking into funds available for sledge cleanup and permits needed to barge sledge- need to have authorization from both DEC and Army Corp Of Engineers
Treasury update- Chris Lee for Treasurer Donna Siegfried-Beginning balance $10,573.19-we had two digs last year.
1st $11,742.50
2nd $1,160.00
Total dig bills 2009 was $12,902.
50-50/50 tickets netted winner and BSBIA each $456.00
shady shores bingo donated $2,325.00 in 2009- a special thank you to all the volunteers and the people who attend
Also I would like all the members to please send in there dues of $75.00 and welcome any new members-thank you
Kim Parks Town of Wolcott Supervisor- Update on survey regarding sewers- more than 50 percent in favor-Going ahead with plans to tie into Fair Havens sewer project- Kim has requested for appropriate stimulus funds and low interest loans to help cover the cost and construction. A project, if funded would be anticipated in the mid summer of 2011. One time cost associated with hook up to be in the $1500.00 to $2000.00 range and another $500.00 to $700.00 to deactivate and fill for septic systems- total yearly cost in the range of $760.00 to $780.00- this project is surly needed to clean up our embayment- with Kim’s help she is encouraging WCWA to take samples of bay water – any questions email Kim at wolcottsupervisor@rochester.rr.com
Hal Bernardi, Vice President-expressed concern of lake water level being 14 inches below normal-Bay level will go down 14 to 15 inches increasing weed growth- Tom Agnello, President- looking into getting weed harvesters into bay sooner- Port Bay and Sodus Bay has same problem- Vote to open bay-passed-Going ahead with opening
Tom Agnello,Presdent- 2 pieces of unfinished business- Need help filling out 23 page application to become a not for profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation- Gene Dressler volunteered to help along with a Mr. Podlesh, CPA a new member of our association who owes about 1700 ft of the NE Bay frontage and acreage –also Tom is going to talk to Volunteer firemen to host Casino night- a sign up sheet will be available on our web site-www.bsbia.org or email him at agnellotn@aol.com
Thank you for attending! Your involvement in future plans for our bay is needed.

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2009 Annual Meeting

June 6th, 2009

10am Holiday Harbor Campgrounds

Motion for the Nomination and Election of Officers and Directors for 2009. Seconded by Gene Drasler. All present voted Yes to elect officers nominated. After meeting, Diane Banks volunteered to be our Secretary on the Board.

Donna Siegfried Treasurer spoke on finances- BSBIA finances are in best shape they have been in a long time. Current balance is over $14,000. Monte Carlo night last year netted $3,004.46. Three channel digs last year cost $7,160; $2070 and $1517.50. Shady Shores Bingo group donated $1,039 from their game proceeds last year! Donna is running 50/50 raffle with left over tickets from 2007- Drawing to be held Labor Day

Chris Lee spoke about the channel opening and DEC permits. Dates, our heavy equipment operators-estimated 3 eight hour days to open channel, it may take longer due to stone build up on East Side and hole filling up- this may require a drop dig at a cost of $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 for first opening. Scheduled maintenance digs through the summer may be needed, cost depends on amount of hours and stone build up. Permits are all in order and DEC has been notified of planned dig. Because of the lead time to apply for replacement permits coming due, Chris will start the process 9 months early.

Rick Passero, PE, donated his time and drafting plans for a permanent channel- DEC has tentatively approved plans, waiting for final stamp of approval from Army Corp and DEC- Next steps will be funding � Looking into Obama stimulus money , Great Lakes Commission money and Army Corp funding- Need to look at all options to see what money is available and plan accordingly

Discussed the problems some residents are having with seasonal flooding and property damage. The channel in off season opens and closes naturally. Spoke of doing small maintenance digs with backhoe off season. There was a motion put on the floor and passed with no one opposed to do off season maintenance digs. Chris will look into cost to assure less erosion and damage to break walls and property- There has been discussion on raising the lake level two feet to help with the shipping industry and the hydro power plants at present the plan is to keep lake level status quo

Tom spoke on behalf of Chris Lee about Shady Shores septic systems. Someone complained that Shady Shores was polluting the Bay after seeing a 2 year old DEC posting for a permit renewal on the septic systems. The DEC and the health department have deemed Shady Shores septic systems to be in proper working order. The smell and flumes have been caused by dead vegetation. The DEC Email is posted on our site.

Kim Park, Town of Wolcott Supervisor, spoke on Wayne county weed harvesting- scheduled for July- Wayne County water authority oversees weed harvesting- any complaints on weed harvesting are to be directed to Tom Agnello

Marty Amen WCWA director spoke on the 4 bay sewer study, possible sewer hook-up for our bay or at least the east side and water hook up for West Side of Blind Sodus bay and the interest by home owners, pump stations, future funds to fund projects, Etc. Expected cost are hope to be more in line with the charges that Fair Haven residents are paying and hopefully not as high as was indicated in the survey sent out from the Town. Looking at annual fees for both capital payoff and annual maintenance of approximately $700 to $1,000 per year

Kim Park- spoke on grant monies, mailings or letters to county requesting your interest in projects-i.e.: permanent channel, sewers, water- VOICE YOUR OPIONION

Propositions- proposed budget spending, accounting fees and document filings to become Official Corporation � more funds maybe available. Voted to spend $1500 to become 501c3 non-profit and to file paperwork with Federal Gov�t and to spend $600 per year for tax returns. All believed that this will have an excellent ROI down the road as we look for grant money.

Web Site-BSBIA to pay fees associated in keeping Web site up and running- Post events on calendar page- Had 1000 hits in the month of May and half that already this month- WEB SITE ADDRESS —WWW.BSBIA.org

We will try to have an events page set up on the website so that all activities in the area can be posted for viewing.

There will be no Monte Carlo Night this year unless we get a lead volunteer. Someone offered assistance after the meeting and Tom will follow up to get them acquainted with MC Night.

In lieu of MC night, we will try to promote SS and HH bingo nights on the website. Please attend and support them. Also, you MUST sign in at both camp sites before you drive to the bingo area in their pavilions.

Motion to adjourn

From: Valarie Ellis [mailto:vdellis@gw.dec.state.ny.us]
Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 9:46 AM
To: AgnelloTN@aol.com
Cc: James Burke; Tatsuhiko Murakami; Teresa Diehsner
Subject: Shady Shores Campground

Mr. Agnello:

My colleague completed his inspection of the above referenced facility on Friday and found the wastewater treatment system to be in good working order. He inspected the pumps, the history of septic tank pump-out, the leachfield, and all other treatment work appurtenances. All were in fine working order. He also examined the records of monitoring and sample testing, and these records indicated that all discharge pollutants were within the allowed parameter limits as per the SPDES permit. The discharge water into the Bay was clear, with no turbidity.

The Cayuga Health Dept. has also been informed of the findings from this inspection.

I suspect that the algal forms that you have seen and smelled are due to non-point source runoff from agriculture or other point sources on the western side of the Bay. Our investigation, however, indicates that Shady Shores is not the cause of these blooms.


Valarie D Ellis
Environmental Engineer I
Division of Water
New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation
615 Erie Blvd. West
Syracuse, NY 13204

(315) 426-7509

BSBIA Meeting Agenda

June 6th, 2009 10 am

Holiday Harbor Campgrounds

Nominations and Election of Officers and Directors for 2009 � Tom Agnello, President
Nomination Committee Proposal:

� Tom Agnello � President

� Hal Bernardi � Vice President

� Donna Siegfried � Treasurer

� OPEN � Secretary

� Director Channel Operations � Chris Lee

� Director Shady Shores � Chris Lee

� Director Holiday Harbor � Bob Snyder

� Director East Side and South East Side � Gene Dresler

� Director South Side � Hal Bernardi

� Director South West Side � OPEN

� Director North West Side � OPEN

Review of Agenda
3. Finance Report � Donna Siegfried, Treasurer, BSBIA

4. Status of Blind Sodus Bay 2009 Channel dig and plans for 2009 channel timing, DEC and Army Corp permits � Chris Lee, BSBIA Director

5. Status of the design of a permanent channel for the DEC and Army Corp to review and approve � Rick Passero, P.E.

6. Discussion and resolution to off season flooding problems – ALL

7. Shady Shores 2007 DEC Septic System permit status and update of DEC complaint – Tom Agnello

8. The Wayne County four Bay weed harvesting program status and schedule � WCSWCD

9. Wayne County Four Bay Sewer Study and South and West Side Water District UPDATE � Kim Park, Town of Wolcott Supervisor and Marty Aman, WC WSA

10. Proposed Budget spending for 2009, major items – Tom Agnello, President

� Legal paperwork to be filed for renewal of 501c3 status (1023) and NYS Charitable status

� Federal and State tax reports to be filed

� Web Site development hosting – http://www.bsbia.org/

11. Monte Carlo Night – 2009 Status/Plans and 2009 location TBD � Need someone to head this up or it will be canceled

12. Other matters, next meeting and Adjourn

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