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Blind Sodus Sewer System Update

We received word today that the sewer project is complete and ready for hook ups. Please contact the Wayne County Water and Sewer Dept at (315) 986-1929.

Also, If you are having any issues with the quality of work done by the contractor during the project, please send an email to our Supervisor, Kim Park, documenting specifically what the situation is. If might also help if you thank her for the great job the Town has done in pulling this project off at the price that it will cost us as tax payers. Her email is:

2015 Annual Meeting

BSBIA – Meeting held at Fair Have Fire Department. – June 6th 2015

Election of Officers- Tom Agnello President. Hal Berardi Vice President, Diane Banks, Secretary. Toni Santoferra, Treasurer.

Announced that this is his last year as president and to think about replacement. Please forward nominations to him at

I attendance Kim Parks and Dave Doyle- Gave sewer project update- very pleased with progress and contractor- To date 17,000 feet of pipes laid- they are ahead of schedule and the project may be completed the third week in August- Kim stressed it was very important to sign easements and that there was no good reason not to hook up to sewer system. Contractors need to decommission the septic systems and we could start using the sewer system- Electric boxes on homes and cottages have an alarm system which lets you know if there is a malfunction. To date 72 applications for hook up, that is about half. Die test will be done before hook up.

Doug Clemons and Dave Willard are out in the field it you should need to contact them regarding any questions you may have regarding the sewer project.

We need to advertise on our WEB site a list of contractors that are able to hook up the home owners- electricians, septic and sewer installers

Chris Lee- New regulations regarding opening channel – the DEC and the Army Corps of Engineers now states you cannot put the stone back into the bay until July, this will cost a lot more money to open and to put the stone back into the water-this leaves very little money for maintence digs- A suggestion on moving the channel opening was brought up- Chris Lee said he would have to get new permits and said he would look into it for next year. Meeting Adjourned.

Diane Banks, Sec.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

April 17, 2015

Dear Fellow Blind Sodus Bay Improvement Association Members and Constituents.

Welcome back to the beautiful Blind Sodus Bay. We have just about $4,800 in the bank, which is not enough to open the channel this June without further contributions from you. This year we will be challenged even more because of a new ruling that the Army Corps of Engineering has mandated, in that we will not be allowed to place any stone debris into the lake as we usually do, during the spring dig. They are firm on the no cobbles in the lake from 5/15-7/1 time slot. This means that we will require the contractor to come back to the site to bulldoze the stone after July 1st. The additional distance of 250-300′ that we have to push the stone is going to run approx. $2,000.00 more than our normal dig expenses. Chris is appealing to the Army Corp, to no avail. As indicated, our bank account balance of ~$4,800 is NOT enough to cover the cost of the first significant dig this year. This balance is $800 lower than last year’s opening balance of $5500. Our typical spring opening cash balance is over $8,000 so we are well behind the previous year’s opening balance. We are scheduling the channel to be open for the season the week of June 7th 2015 and should be usable by the weekend (June 13) as long as no major storms are forecasted.
If you are not able to come to the June meeting, but as a paid member, you would like to formally register your opinion on a specific topic mentioned above, please feel free to write to the Board and your letter will be read and opinion noted and registered at the meeting.

Please donate your bottles and cans to the Red Creek Recycling Center and mention BSBIA.

Our annual meeting this year will be on Saturday, June 6th, at 10 am at the FAIR HAVEN FIRE DEPARTMENT HALL. Members of the Town of Wolcott and Wayne County Water & Sewer will be in attendance for the meeting and we will be going over the details of the new sewer district portion of the meeting first. We are planning a larger meeting than normal to discuss the full roll out of the sewer project , scheduled for completion later this year. We have received a number of calls and emails from our members and non-members, regarding the sewer project status. All we know of at this point, is that the contract has been awarded and the Town is waiting for their 1st meeting with the contractor. If it follows the same sequence that Fair Haven followed, sewer hook ups will not be available until each sewer zone is completely finished and hooked to the Fair Haven system. What that means, is that we don’t believe that we will be connecting any homes to the sewer project until after the 2015 summer season. If that changes, we will post an update on the web site.
Meeting Agenda and Information to be reviewed
1. Election of Officers
Tom Agnello, President
Hal Bernardi, Vice President and South Side Membership Director
Toni Santoferrara – Treasurer
Diane Banks, Secretary
2. Sewer Update. Kim Park and Marty Amen will be attending the meeting to provide an update. Looks like the contractor has been awarded the bid and all systems are a go for the whole bay to get sewers by the end of 2015.
3. Treasurer Report – Toni Sanoferrara, Treasurer.
4. Channel Activity and ACOE and DEC Permit Update – Chris Lee, Channel Master.
7. OPEN Positions – West Side Membership Director. What to do?
8. Status of the separate 2014 fund for spring and fall 2015 emergency water level digs to lower the lake level to avoid erosion of break walls – to be contributed by those members negatively affected by high water

BSBIA is an Organization whose membership is made up from the home and cottage owners, seasonal renters and seasonal campground residents who rent homes and boat slips on the beautiful shores of Blind Sodus Bay in the Northeastern most corners in Wayne County and Northwestern Cayuga County. Our annual dues are now $100 per year for residents and boat slip renters. Through the monies in dues that are collected and the fundraisers that we host throughout the season, we use the proceeds to dredge our channel to Lake Ontario and provide ingress and egress between the first or second week of June and Labor Day. An open channel provides for our Bay to remain at the same level as the Lake and caution is always recommended when using the channel as it is known to fill in with stones between our scheduled dredging.

Our primary objective of the BSBIA is to keep a clear and open channel to Lake Ontario for safe ingress and egress. It has been decided to open the channel each year during the 2nd full week in June, hoping to have the channel ready for the 2nd weekend of the month. This was decided to avoid the late May early June winds and storms that close it in, or partially close it back up a majority of the time. This ends up costing us to reopen the channel later in the summer again for a second and usually third dig. We are going to be using Dates Excavation again this year as he was low bidder last year and is the most experienced and reasonably priced.

We wish you an enjoyable spring, summer and fall on the Bay and the Lake and look forward to seeing or hearing from you at the June 6th meeting. Please forward your $100, or more if you can afford to, today to support our organization ASAP or we will not have sufficient funds to open the channel this spring as scheduled. Our address is BLIND SODUS BAY IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, PO BOX 100, FAIRHAVEN, NEW YORK 13064. The dues paid list on the web site will be updated before the meeting and updated periodically throughout the summer and be available at our meeting. As a reminder, this BSBIA meeting is for our dues paying members only.
Tom Agnello
BSBIA President
13895 Ingersoll Lane


2014 Annual Meeting


Officers present Thomas Agnello (President), Hal Bernardi (Vice President), Diane Banks (Secretary) Toni Sanoferrara (Treasurer)

Election of officers-unanimous decision to keep current officers- Tom would like to retire from his position as president and has asked to think of replacement for next year

Toni- provided treasurer report and updates on current member dues paid and outstanding dues- check for posting on web site for paid members

Chris from (shady Shores ) gave update on channel opening and updates on permits needed to keep channel open- DEC and State permits are in order- Next year we will need to get new Army Corps permit specs- Be aware the specs are changing- DEC permit expires in 2016 and many changes and issues will be required to obtain permit

Kim Parks and Marty gave sewer update- Kim issued plea to returm easements as this will speed up sewer project-(Tom Agnello) offered to have notary on his premises to speed up easement returns- September and October project should be started- Blind Sodus received 0% financing and rural development funding- The timing seems to be good due to cottages closing for season- Bids to go out in July for sewer project

Weed cutters are slated to harvest weeds in the bay- Please be aware of water lines in water and insure they are secure and deep enough so the weed cutting does not harm your lines

Hal Bernardi- to check and see if we can get re-stock of fish species- Suggested we ask Bass fisherman and other residents to return fish to our bay after catching and release

Phil Falmetzger (attorney) has offered to pay the $900.00 fee and apply his services in obtaining the BSBIA 501-C application- If he gets approval the association will refund him his money for permit-

Action to adjourn meeting- meeting concluded

Diane Banks