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Blind Sodus Bay Improvement Association is a Not For Profit Organization whose membership is made up from the Home and Cottage Owners, Seasonal renters and Seasonal Campground Residents with rented boat slips that reside on the beautiful shores of Blind Sodus Bay in the Northeastern most corner in Wayne County and Northwestern Cayuga County. Our annual dues are $100 per year for residents and boat slip renters. Through the monies in dues that are collected and the fundraisers that we host throughout the season, we use the proceeds to dredge our channel to Lake Ontario and provide ingress and egress between the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. An open channel provides for our Bay to remain at the same level as the Lake and caution is always recommended when using the channel as it is known to fill in with stones between our scheduled dredging.

Many who avail themselves of the enjoyment of Blind Sodus Bay and the access it provides to Lake Ontario, whether fishing, boating or other water sports and activities, aren’t aware that maintaining the channel opening is funded solely through Membership dues, fund raising, contributions and donations made to the Blind Sodus Bay Improvement Association, a nonprofit organization. Neither town, county nor state tax dollars finance the cost of keeping the channel open. We count on your support. Encourage others you know to join the Association. Thank you!

Activities and Accomplishments

BSBIA Board members are active in several other influential local organizations:

BSBIA President holds a seat on the Wayne County Water Quality Coordinating Committee
BSBIA is represented on the Lake Ontario Coastal Initiative (LOCI)
BSBIA’s Board keeps regular contact with our elected officials at the state and federal levels

Our County and Township representatives need to hear from you. Write a letter, make a phone call or speak up at public meetings. Without voices from the public, it is more difficult to make real changes in the way citizens, industry, and our governments treat our watershed. Our watershed is significant and including the Northeastern corner Wayne County townships and the Northern Townships of Cayuga County, consisting of the entire land area of 100s of acres from which water flows into Blind Sodus Bay and then into Lake Ontario.

Most importantly, JOIN BSBIA NOW!

Send your dues in to:

PO BOX 100
Fairhaven, NY 13064

Organization By-Laws

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