Blind Sodus Projects Status

The October 18, 2022 minutes of the Wolcott Town Board include the status of the Water District, Bluff and Barrier Bar projects for Blind Sodus Bay.

Blind Sodus Bay Water District – Lynn said it is still at the comptroller’s office but, when it does get approved it will probably have to be returned to them due to the significant increase materials that the project will require; the figures will have to be revised in the application. Lynn said he cannot look for any grant funding until the application is approved by the comptroller.

Blind Sodus Bay Bluff – Lynn had pictures of the process done by Brandon Martin, he said the project is ahead of schedule now but is running into some challenges with the soil and bedrock, he will update everyone next month.

Blind Sodus Bay Barrier Bar – Lynn provided an update saying the idea is to break the project into 3 parts with the first part going out to bid in November, but it is moving forward.

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