2016 Annual Meeting

Blind Sodus Bay Improvement Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Saturday, June 4th, at 10 a.m. at the Shady Shores Campground Pavilion.

Meeting Agenda and Information to be reviewed

  1. Election of Officers
    Hal Bernardi, President and South Side Membership Director
    Tom Agnello, Vice President
    Toni Santoferrara, Treasurer
    Diane Banks, Secretary
  2. Treasurer Report  – Toni Santoferrara, Treasurer
  3. Sewer Project Update
  4. Discussion of Increase in Dues
  5. Discussion of Fund Raiser
  6. Open Positions – West Side Membership Director. What to do?
  7. Status of the separate 2015 fund for spring and fall 2016 emergency water level digs to lower the lake level to avoid erosion of break walls – to be contributed by those members negatively affected by high water

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by the presiding President, Tom Agnello.

An introduction of the slate officers for the 2016 BSBIA Board of Directors and a call for a vote by the membership was unanimous by all in attendance and the meeting was turned over to Hal Bernardi, the new President.

Toni our Treasurer provided a financial report and a forecast for 2016 expenses. Balance in checking account at the end of 2015 was $2750.85 and balance as of 6/1/2016 was $8847.20. Estimate to keep the channel open are approximately $12,000 per year with a $3,000 increase due to new regulations for the movement of the stone 700 to 800 feet easterly down the shoreline after July 15th.

Various options were discussed which included:

  1. Keeping the channel closed for a year to save up money
  2. A smaller $7,000 channel and try to live within our means this year with one cleanup dig when needed
  3. Move the channel to where the old one was in the center of the north sand/rock bar

The second choice was voted on unanimously – a smaller channel and try to live within our means this year.

Our guests were introduced for an update on the Sewer project from the Town of Wolcott; Lynn Schaffer, new Town Supervisor, Dave Doyle with MRB Group, the engineering firm, and Marty Amen, the Director of the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority.

  1. If there are any problems with the work performed by the contractor, contact Dave Doyle at 585-381-9250 or Dave Willard at the same number for the MRB
  2. There is a 1 year warranty for all work until December 2016
  3. Lynn has signed easements for homeowners
  4. Study underway for water project on the south and west side of the bay. Update will be provided as develops.

There was a discussion regarding the future of the bay openings and a motion was made by Jacques Couture to increase the annual dues to $150 per year. The motion was seconded by Hal Bernardi and the vote was unanimous.

Feedback from Holiday Harbor is to not provide return stamped envelopes for the members there. They will pay Phil and Debbie directly.

A motion was made to solicit assistance on the website that has recently been redone by Steve Izzo. Our member Sue Maslyn volunteered her daughter Brianna and will seek her approval after the meeting.

A motion was passed to place the slot machines and Monte Carlo equipment onto Craigslist for sale. The initial asking price will be $200 each and will be lowered each week by $50 until sold.

There was discussion of a golf tournament at Port Bay to help raise money for BSBIA and Judy Leonard volunteered to look into that.

Debbie Thesing reported that Holiday Harbor collected $443.40 last year with the bottle drive and all are encouraged to drop off and donate their bottles and cans in Red Creek for funds directed to the BSBIA.

Hal mentioned that the 4th of July Boat Parade will be on July 2nd at 11 a.m. Saturday, and the Ring of Fire at 9:30 p.m.

Chris Lee provided a Channel Activity update and the status of the ACOE and DEC Permit. Permits are good until next year when they will need to be renewed.

OPEN Positions – West Side Membership Director. What to do? A few folks from the west side volunteered to see if they can increase membership from new homeowners there.

To update the status of the separate 2015 fund for spring and fall 2016 emergency water level digs to lower the lake level to avoid erosion of break walls – to be contributed by those members negatively affected by high water. One dig was done this spring when waters were high at a cost of $243 by Chris from Anchor Marina in Fair Haven.

If you have not received your paid boat sticker and cottage window PAID 2016 banner see one of the officers.

By BSBIAadmin

Website Administrator for the Blind Sodus Bay Improvement Association