2014 Annual Meeting


Officers present Thomas Agnello (President), Hal Bernardi (Vice President), Diane Banks (Secretary) Toni Sanoferrara (Treasurer)

Election of officers-unanimous decision to keep current officers- Tom would like to retire from his position as president and has asked to think of replacement for next year

Toni- provided treasurer report and updates on current member dues paid and outstanding dues- check for posting on web site for paid members

Chris from (shady Shores ) gave update on channel opening and updates on permits needed to keep channel open- DEC and State permits are in order- Next year we will need to get new Army Corps permit specs- Be aware the specs are changing- DEC permit expires in 2016 and many changes and issues will be required to obtain permit

Kim Parks and Marty gave sewer update- Kim issued plea to returm easements as this will speed up sewer project-(Tom Agnello) offered to have notary on his premises to speed up easement returns- September and October project should be started- Blind Sodus received 0% financing and rural development funding- The timing seems to be good due to cottages closing for season- Bids to go out in July for sewer project

Weed cutters are slated to harvest weeds in the bay- Please be aware of water lines in water and insure they are secure and deep enough so the weed cutting does not harm your lines

Hal Bernardi- to check and see if we can get re-stock of fish species- Suggested we ask Bass fisherman and other residents to return fish to our bay after catching and release

Phil Falmetzger (attorney) has offered to pay the $900.00 fee and apply his services in obtaining the BSBIA 501-C application- If he gets approval the association will refund him his money for permit-

Action to adjourn meeting- meeting concluded

Diane Banks

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